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About DTT


Digital technology is transforming the way we watch television. Compared to traditional analogue TV, it brings many exciting new ways to enjoy your TV.

A greater number of channels:
  • The streamlined nature of digital broadcasting means that more channels can be received through the standard TV aerial. There are still areas where they do not get all our present TV channels SABC1,2 and 3 on terrestrial, switchover will see the digital signal boosted, providing more people with more choice and more channels.
  •  With the switchover, all the South Africans will receive the Five SABC Channels for now i.e. SABC 1, 2, 3, SABC News and SABC Encore and many more channels provided by other free-to-air broadcasters.
Better picture quality and reception:
  •  Digital TV is a new, more versatile form of sending information.  Signals are more compact than the current analogue system; this allows for multiple channels to occupy the same air space than a single analogue channel currently resides in. 
  • Digital television will provide a better image and sound quality than analogue TV, and reception is less affected by the weather.
And interactive features:
  •  The space-efficiency of the digital signal also allows for extras like interactive services, such as TV schedules, to be streamed in parallel with the standard channels.
  •  Most STB support an electronic programme guide (EPG), an on-screen TV guide which provides information on the programme you are currently watching, such as start/finish times and when the next programme is due to start.
  •  Many EPGs also have features tailored for hearing and visually impaired viewers, including audio description and subtitles. 
Access to digital radio through your - TV:
  • All the 19 SABC radio stations will be available on your TV.
  • You will be able to listen to a radio station of your choice wherever you are as long you are listening to it on your TV.
  • To ensure that these benefits are enjoyed by all, the DoC, is driving the process of migration to digital terrestrial broadcasting. We appreciate the able leadership of our honourable Minister, Faith Muthambi. 

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